The Courageous Leaders Club

Lizi Hamer: Embrace the Glitches

September 01, 2022 Joanna Howes Season 4 Episode 34
The Courageous Leaders Club
Lizi Hamer: Embrace the Glitches
Show Notes

In this week’s episode, I speak to Lizi Hamer, Executive Creative Director, Octagon APAC.
Tune in now to hear us chat about being a female creative in a male-dominated industry and the power of glitches and why they can be positive.
Lizi also shares her thoughts about the future of hybrid work and the opportunities that will give us to invite new talent into our teams.
Key takeaways include:
● How to build inner resilience in yourself and your team
● How to give people feedback that builds them up
● How to marry up your own boundaries with company boundaries
Lizi has co-built the foundations of a new kind of agency; No2ndPlace. An agency using the power of sport to create enduring social change.
Working with brands, sports bodies, not-for-profits and athletes to drive awareness and impact societal issues; No2ndPlace brings together a collective of Australia’s strongest social advocates to create meaningful work that helps the world win.
Lizi’s award-winning campaigns have brought a blind man’s world to life, challenged masculinity in Australia, created the live trophy at Japan Rugby World Cup, changed country law for a more sustainable future; leading Lizi to be labeled as one of the most creative women in the world.
She has a magnetic ability to form smart partnerships, give generous ideas, and is constantly Story Hunting.
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