The Courageous Leaders Club

021 Laura Jordan Bambach: You’re Not Here By Accident

May 19, 2022 Joanna Howes Season 3 Episode 21
The Courageous Leaders Club
021 Laura Jordan Bambach: You’re Not Here By Accident
Show Notes

Laura Jordan Bambach is the President and Chief Creative Officer at Grey

In this episode Laura talks about how to have difficult conversations as a leader, and the importance of working as a collective, and not doing it all on your own.

She also shares her I Am Enough challenge, that she does daily to help her focus on the good, and all that she has achieved.

Laura has enhanced the advertising industry through her fresh pioneering spirit, combining technical skill with her innate human understanding and passion for storytelling.

She is also part of the OKO community, where mentors and mentees are supported to find their path to success. To find out more about how OKO can support your business, check out their website:

She is recognised globally as an innovator and industry leader, has been twice named one of Britain's most influential people with a Debrett's 500 annual list, and was recognised as Individual of the Year at the Dadi awards.

Laura is also honoured in campaign UK female frontier awards for championing change. And as a true champion of diversity, Laura is co-founder of The Great British Diversity Experiment, and co-founder of SheSays, the world famous volunteer network that works to encourage more women into the creative industry.

In a nutshell - you want to listen to this episode, learn from her insights, and be inspired by her energy!

Topics Covered Include:

  • The value of having difficult conversations
  • How we’re all set at a dial
  • We’re not here by accident
  • The ‘I am enough’ challenge
  • You don’t have to do it on your own, we are a collective

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