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The Courageous Leaders Club

Joanna Howes

The Courageous Leaders Club podcast aims to inspire leaders to step into their courageous zone, be the leader they know they can be and discover the mindset skills and behaviours to take their leadership to the next level.

So listen in, get inspired on how you can grow your leadership impact. Leave a legacy you can be proud of, and build an environment for future leaders to thrive.

Who is Joanna Howes?

Joanna Howes is an award-winning international coach, behavioural expert, specialising in leadership and performance coaching and No 1 best selling international co-author.

Her focus is to help individuals and teams activate their full potential, so they can step into their courageous zone to maximise their influence, build their resilience and take the action needed to become high performers and future-ready leaders.

Joanna is a unique phenomenon within her industry, with over 20 years’ experience working internationally with some of the world's most awarded advertising agencies and leading them to operational and leadership success. Her blend of both innovative operational and transformative change solutions empowers organisations to create environments that are supportive and fearless for their employees.





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